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What We Do... 

GYROS supports migrants and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities across East Anglia.  Our activities include:  

  • Free information, advice and advocacy on a range of topics, including: immigration (OISC Level 2), EUSS, UK rights, police, education, housing, benefits and debt (FCA accredited) 

  • Free training including pre-ESOL and job search 

  • Facilitating access to healthcare and other specialist services 

  • Social activities for children and adults 

  • Volunteering opportunities

  • Community cafe

  • Community events and local projects.

GYROS works to advance the knowledge of organisations working with culturally and linguistically diverse clients, by providing assistance to develop and promote good practice. This includes a range of bespoke services, including: Cultural Sensitivity Training and Translation & Interpretation services. 

We have a dedicated and qualified research team, which conducts qualitative research about the experiences of migrant communities and is growing an evidence base of issues affecting diverse communities across East Anglia.​  We link our community practitioner work with our social and academic research, which feeds into policy, practice, and change. 

GYROS staff are multilingual, impartial and professionally qualified. 


King Street, Gt Yarmouth by Zoja Petrošiūtė (c)


  • Information

  • Advice

  • Guidance

  • Advocacy

  • Case work


  • Cohesion

  • Inclusion

  • Learning

  • Integration

  • Celebration


  • Policy

  • Research

  • Strategic

  • Representation

  • Change

Our History

GYROS  (Great Yarmouth Refugee Outreach & Support) was formed in 1998 to support the refugees and asylum seekers who came to Great Yarmouth during and after the Balkans war. 

Over the years our organisation has evolved to meet the changing needs of our local population.  We now focus on supporting the wider migrant community across East Anglia, including those who've come here for work, family reasons or fleeing persecution or dangerous situations in their country of origin. 

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